If you’re reading this blog, there is a 100% chance you woke up and started a new day today - it’s already a good day. You also probably woke up in a developed country, in a warm bed, with a roof over your head, and with plenty of food in the fridge - even better day. 

Then as you progressed throughout your day there were likely some good moments, some neutral moments, and some bad moments. Pay attention to the variability. Nine times out of ten, there are going to be more good / neutral moments than bad ones. The thing is, we disproportionately focus on those bad moments. It’s human nature. Our brains are wired to emphasize the negative, it’s how we've survived. So were there really enough bad things that happened to you today to label the entire day bad? Probably not. 

Even if the number of bad moments did outweigh the good, take a closer look. Reflect on those moments. Ask yourself if they were actually bad or was that merely your interpretation of them? Can you change your perspective?

And hey, maybe you did have a real shit day. Thats ok. You can always come back to the fact that you woke up this morning and you received another chance at life. That’s a good day. ☀️